Making Sense of Low Back Pain
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Clinical Reviews

Zahra Bardai BSc, MD, CCFP, MHSc, FCFP
Neural plasticity in the context of normal aging and dementia can be evaluated on a number of levels...
Gregory An
The rate of edentulism (being toothless) is declining in older adults.
John R. Wherrett
Contemporary technologies, including digital imaging of the brain during life and quantative microscopy (unbiased stereology) for estimating histological features postmortem, have resulted in important new knowledge about changes in the brain that accompany healthy aging, including evidence that grey matter atrophies with an anterior-posterior gradient.
Khaleeq ur Rehman et al.
The increase in male life expectancy has raised concerns about the impact of aging on the male reproductive system.
Kimby N. Barton
The hematopoietic system is comprised of all the elements of the blood, together with the stem and progenitor cells that give rise to these elements, and these play a vital role in the functioning of a healthy person.
Rhonda L. Witte
The immune system is an elegant example of nature's work. When functioning properly, it protects us against what is "foreign" and does not attack the "self".