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What is HealthPlexus?

The word “Plexus” means a network and this is exactly what HealthPlexus represents. We are a network of continuing professional development and educational resources as well as the online destination for physicians and allied healthcare professionals where you will find timely, relevant and unbiased educational materials and the tools designed to help you deal with many challenges in your daily clinical practice. We are following with excitement the latest advancements in technology. Our plans include production of a digital journal for devices such as computer tablets and smart phones.

Who are the people behind HealthPlexus?

Seasoned publishers with the help of well-recognized educational leaders decided to collaborate on bringing the best CME experience designed for healthcare professionals. Over the years we’ve built many strong relationships with Canadian and international key opinion leaders. Our goal is to produce timely, relevant and unbiased educational materials authored by the experts and bring it to you in an easy to digest format.

How can you help with the development of HealthPlexus?

We highly encourage you to share your ideas and interests with us that we can better address your educational needs. We also wish to position these resources as community driven and would like to extent our invitation to you to join the list of contributors, peer-reviewers and of course the users.

To help us prepare better, please fill out the short needs assessment survey and sign up to be notified when the resources will become available. We are looking forward to receiving your valuable feedback and thanking you for taking the time to familiarize with our plans.