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Dizziness is the third most common symptom seen in patients of all age groups who present to emergency departments, outpatient clinics and physicians offices.
A case of congenital nasolacrimal mucocele presenting with medial canthus cystic mass and purulent eye discharge is reported.
A case of pyogenic granuloma of gingiva is presented.
Tonsillectomy is a routine surgery performed in Campbellton Regional Hospital.
Nasal vestibular mass are not commonly seen in ENT practice. We are presenting a patient with a large right nasal vestibular mass, who complained of nasal obstruction and epistaxis.
A case of a fleshy, granular, pedunculated growth from the oral cavity will be presented.
Cholesteatoma is a benign growth of skin in abnormal location such as the middle ear or the petrous apex which is located deep in the inner ear and is known to cause a variety of complications.
A 7-week-old child presented with left periorbital swelling. Clinical features, investigations, and treatment are discussed.

I Hear You, I Hear You, or Maybe I Don't

It was one of those unusual clinics where I saw three similar cases in which the exact same issue surfaced and...

A rare case of severe headache presenting with spontaneous pneumocephalus secondary to frontal sinus pneumocele is described