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  • Dr. Pradeep Shenoy, MD, DLO, FRCS, FACS, is the ENT service chief, Campbellton Regional Hospital, Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada.
    Dr. Paul Cortin, MD, Opthalmology Service Chief, Campbellton Regional Hospital, New Brunswick, Campbellton, Canada.
    Dr. O. Oni, MD, Paediatrician, Campbellton Regional Hospital, New Brunswick, Campbellton, Canada Hospital,NB,Campbellton,Canada.

    A case of congenital nasolacrimal mucocele presenting with medial canthus cystic mass and purulent eye discharge is reported. Clinical features, investigations and treatment modalities are described after reviewing the literature.
    Key Words: CNDM (congenital nasolacrimal duct mucocoele), dacrocystocoele, dacryocele,
    lacrimal sac cyst, amniotocele, medial canthus cystic mass, purulent conjunctivitis, surgical probing, silicone intubation, marsupialization.