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    Barry Goldlist, MD, FRCPC, FACP, AGSF is a graduate of the University of Toronto. He is currently a professor and the past head of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Toronto, He is a founding member of the Chief Coroner of Ontario's Geriatric and Long Term Care Review Committee. He has served as chief examiner in geriatric medicine for the Royal College, as well as chair of the specialty committee in geriatric medicine. Dr. Goldlist has been a member of the CGS (and its precursor, the CSGM) since its founding, and has served as president of the society. He chaired the 2005 CGS program committee and founded the CGS continuing education program.

    As a former Editor-in-Chief of Geriatrics & Aging, Dr. Goldlist with a group of co-editors made a significant contribution to CME in geriatrics by overseeing publication of a great number of clinical review articles, online CMEs and other programs serving almost 10,000 physicians and allied healthcare professionals

    Dr. Goldlist has written three books, several book chapters, and numerous articles.

Blogs by this author:

  • I have spent the summer trying to avoid working, a noble endeavour. However, in 34 years of medicine I have never before been as successful in work avoidance as I have been this summer. 

  • I have just come back from a vacation in Florida, just in time to vote on the tentative OMA agreement with the government. While on vacation I had several long walks on the beach with a famous market researcher who had just completed some research on primary care physicians in the United States...

  • For much of the summer, medicine was the farthest thing from my mind. I was visiting my daughter and her family on the west coast, and playing with my twin grandchildren was at the top of my mind. My wife and I did take a few days to travel in southern British Columbia and visited Whistler and the Sunshine coast. The proprietor of the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in on the Sunshine coast had a mother-in-law in Vancouver who was not in great health. She complained about the difficulty in accessing home care in BC, and the limited hours available. It sounded just like Ontario.

  • Most year end reviews come at the end of December. At that time I was working full speed as an attending physician on our hospital’s general medical service and never saw the light of day. Immediately afterwards, I took over an extremely busy geriatric consult service. However, I am now back from two weeks of rest and recuperation in the sun and once again capable of stringing words together.

  • Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 6th Canadian Conference on Dementia (CCD) in Montreal.

  • As I write this we are already half way through the summer, and I have spent a fair amount of the time...

  • When you work at a teaching hospital, there is often a layer between...

  • I have been in practice so long, that I sometimes get the illusion that I actually know...

  • As is my usual pattern, this December I am attending on a general internal medicine unit rather than...